Friday, January 21, 2011

Fister - Bronsonic

This is the sort of sludgey doom the great man himself would be making, if he weren't too busy beating up everyone in the afterlife. In fact, according to the band's Facebook page:

On August 30, 2003 Charles Bronson died of pneumonia and went to Hell. Bronson entered the first level of Hell with a chip on his shoulder. He demanded to speak to the Devil himself about his stay. Upon entering the Devil’s chamber, he pulled out a .44 Magnum and blew his teeth out the back of his skull. He now rules Hell under his new name, Lucifer Bronson. His first assignment as King of Hell was to write the most evil music ever to be heard by human ears. He wrote countless hours of music and hid it in a secret dimension.

In Saint Louis, Missouri, four guys were smoking a combination of marijuana and salvia. They uncovered Bronson’s sheet music and decided to document it for mankind.

This music can only be recorded under the influence of black weed during Bronsonic rituals. The only people on Earth that can understand the workings of Bronson’s sheet music are the Ambassadors of Hell, Fister.

Fister - Bronsonic

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