Monday, February 28, 2011

Forest Dweller - Demo

Forest Dweller is creepy and rotten noise which has a black metal feel to it. Well, take a look at that pic and you have to say that the guy at least digs his black metal. I guess you could call it black noise, but to me its more like noise with a black metal aesthetic apart from the last two tracks where some vocals and an actual riff are introduced. Real evil.


Sons of Fenris

Raw anti-cosmic black metal from France. What the shit is anti-cosmic?! I'm not too sure, I think it is some form of satanism, but anyway this sounds pretty awesome so fuck the cosmos.

Download Fenris (2002)
Download Wulmadubôn (2008)
Download Death Rune (2010)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cold Cave - Cherish the Light Years (2011)

Ahhhh so excited for this.

Link Removed

Clair Cassis - Luxury Absolute (2011)

New Clair Cassis EP, featuring members of Velvet Cacoon. I thought they had broken up but apparently not.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Cult of Youth - S/T (2011)

One of my most anticipated releases of the year. Here is some Death in June influenced neo-folk from New York City (of all places). I've loved everything they have released up until now but this is even better and a very early contenteder for album of the year for me, even after just one listen. An amazing masterpiece and I can't recommend it highly enough.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thirteen Bats - Dust (2010)

Thirteen Bats (now known as Bat Nouveau which is a better name imo) are a deathrock/gothic rock band from Brisbane, Australia. Everything that is great about gothic music can be heard here - the melodrama as well as the dark and brooding sound. The band takes influence from (obviously) Christian Death and post-punk like Joy Division.


Love Cult - Hope & Promise CD-R (2010)

Two tracks of relaxing ambient drone from Russia, for fans of Grouper.


Goatfago - 2008 Demo

When the band's name is Goatfago, do I really need to write a description?! Anyway, its members of Sadomator/Sadogoat. This demo is sold out but you can grab their second demo which is a split tape with Baphomation over at Siver Key Records.


Black Vomit & Rape Rack - Scumfuck / Ambient Shit Storm

Black Vomit are a truly bizarre beast, mixing a buckletload of completely different styles to form a fucked up and weird listening experience. I can't really describe whats going on with them, they are a total clusterfuck of noise and insanity - theres blastbeats, fuzzy black metal, electronics, sound just have to hear this one for yourself. Really one of the strangest sounds I've ever heard.
Rape Rack are not nearly as straight-out weird as Black Vomit, although something about them sounds very alien and sinister. 3 tracks of trippy, haunting and droning ambient black metal, which at times gets quite noisy. If you listen on the last track you can hear some ritual chanting behind the noise which adds to the creepy sound. They finish off with a Von cover.
Really interesting stuff, give it a listen if you are looking for something very different.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Merciless Game

One-man complete noisy Japanese punk rip-off from the US. There is constant fuzz on every song on and they even cover GAI and Confuse.

Download 2005 Demo
Download tracks from split with Rotozaza
Download tracks from split with Kamikaze Noise

Ra Al Dee Experience

"Acoustic Oriental Occultism & Temple from Berlin featuring a member of Necros Christos."

Note: I'm not sure what the last 2 tracks are called.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Bluetile Lounge - Lowercase

Man, I fucking love Codeine (the band) and I instantly loved Bluetile Lounge for the same reasons that I love Codeine. This is music for sitting in your room and crying because all you have in your pathetic life is listening to music, watching porn, masturbating and writing on a stupid fucking blog about how Codeine is the greatest band ever. Ummmm. Anyway, Bluetile Lounge were a 90s slowcore band (how'd you guess?) from Perth, Australia. I never thought a good slowcore band would have come from my home country but this excellent, obscure little gem has thankfully proven me wrong.


Moonsorrow - Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa (2011)

I don't care what you say, Moonsorrow own and are one of the few bands I like within the generally shitty and cheesy folk metal/viking metal genre. Here you've got more of the same 10+ minute epics, full of fist (or sword if you've got one) raising power. Nowhere near as good as their masterpiece Verisäkeet, but still great. Onwards to Vahalla brothers.

Got a complaint so Link removed. Sorry dudes.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ensorcelor - Unarctica Begins

Heavy as fuck riffs - check. Evil, piercing and raspy vocals - check. Lovecraft inspired lyrics - check. Incredible sludgy goodness from Canada. This is such wonderfully crafted album, you can hear acoustic interludes that are interspersed beautifully with desperate, gut-wrenching screams that then flow into heavy, riff-oriented sludge with hints of black metal (both in asethetic and sound). The last track in particular is a stand-out, fucking epic. For fans of Cough's first album and Thou.


Mueran Humanos - S/T (2010)

Very cool electronic music with Spanish lyrics. This Argentinian (although now residing in Germany) duo offer up a very interesting and enjoyable mix of styles on this debut album. Electronic, post-punk, experimental and gothic styles are all represented, amongst others. Dark, catchy and danceable.


Saturday, February 19, 2011


You know when you see some mean motherfuckers that look like this that they are either NS fuckers or the real deal. If you don't want to hear what they sound like from looking at the pic then get the fuck out. These guys are playing thrashy black metal, some genuine ritual satanic shit. True Colombian cult.

Download Dentro del Esbbat
Download La Era de la Bestia
Download El Retorno del Imperio Satanico

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pustulation - Orgy of the Dead (2010)

Killer death metal, highly recommended! Not much more needs to be said, just get it!


Kveste - War Against Humanity

Aggressive, scathing black metal from France. Nice old school sound somewhat similar to (black metal) Darkthrone and early Satyricon. One for the fans of the glory days of black metal!


Law of the Rope - Thee Age of Tallow (2010)

Raw and haunting black metal. Brilliant - a must listen.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Undead Creep - S/T Demo 2009

Undead Creep - yet another death metal band playing in the great Swedish style of Grave, early Entombed, Dismember, etc etc etc you know the drill! Amazing stuff from Italy, for me it really stands out amongst a lot of the osdm bands lately, check it out!


Desperate Children - Chaos, Fuck Day, I Love Punk

Japanese punk (of course) 7" flexi from 1986.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zombified Preachers of Gore - Demo 1991

Heres another underrated gem of a demo released on Wild Rags in 1991. Excellent dirty death metal in a similar style to Repulsion!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lovac - Apes of a Cold God

Lovac is a Swedish band playing industrial tinged neo-folk. That description probably doesn't do them justice though, as there are so many different sounds and influences going on to make it nice and interesting. Apes of a Cold God is Lovac's debut release, although they have released music under the Down in June label, where they played Death in June covers. Highly recommended!


Der Golem - Дисциплина взорванных мостов

Request #2. This is another project of Roman Sidorov, the guy behind Sedativ. Cold and depressive dark ambient.


一家心中 (Ikka Shinjyuu) - Dead Section III & Jishu Seikatsu 7'

I'm always open to some requests to put up on here, so if there is something you're particularly interested in that you may think I've got, or more material from an artist I've posted then by all means ask. Got a request for some more Ikka Shinjyuu stuff so here it is.

Download Dead Section III (1988)
Download Jishu Seikatsu (1989)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Rhinocervs - Untitled 1

4 untitled tracks from an untitled and unknown band. I believe the people behind it want to remain anonymous because they want the music to speak above mentions of who/ex-members of whatever band is in them and all that kind of shit, which I really like. As it says on their page regarding the Rhinocervs label: 'The label prioritizes art over artist - not the cult of personality attached". This is the first Untitled tape released, there is also another which is also quite good.


El-Ahrairah - Tribute to Bathory tape

Raw BM band El-Ahrairah paying respect to one of the greats with the songs - War, Necromansy and Equimanthorn. Very cool and kult as fukk. This link is taken from the A Terre Records blogspot here.


Zenocide - S/T

Absolutely deranged & heavy as shit japanese sludge in the vein of the masters Corrupted (with some black metal thrown in for good measure). Turn it up loud.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Minority Xpose - S/T Demo Tape (2010)

Seems as though most of the music I post on here is Japanese - well there is a reason for that and thats because its all good. This is no exception of course, very well executed crust punk which reminds me a lot of Pisschrist.


Urban Waste - Recycled (2010)

New album (and first ever LP) from one of my favourite 80s hardcore bands, Urban Waste!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Epic doom from Mother Russia...

Lord of Doubts is a cool psych/stoner doom band in a similar vein to Dopethrone era Electric Wizard. Great riffs, huge sound, what more could you want?!!?


Friday, February 11, 2011

一家心中 (Ikka Shinjyuu) - Slow Down EP

Some more of dat noisy jap punks shit.


La Sera - Never Come Around 7"

Katy Goodman from Vivian Girls solo project. Fuzzy, 50s/60s sounding summery tunes. Full-length coming sometime this year on Hardly Art records. It sounds pretty nice so if you are interested I'm sure you will enjoy.


Filthy Hate - Hatred Stench Corpse

Whats this? Well, its a very cool little thrashy Japanese hardcore demo just released a couple of months back. Band name and music is totally awesome. Fun and energetic enough to get a mosh/circle pit started in your bedroom or living room, so do it.


Martyrvore - Split with Witch Tomb & Possessed By Mayhemic Slaughter

A post for all of you filthly black/death metal fuckers. Martyrvore play the real bestial shit so if you know what I'm talking about and you dig it then get onto it. Witch Tomb are really good too.

Witch Tomb Split
Possessed By Mayhemic Slaughter

Corpsessed - Altar of Worms (track)

Not an album this time, just a single track but its a good one. Some dark death metal for ya right here, this track slays and the EP is one of my most anticipated releases at the moment. Featuring a member from the ungodly Wormphlegm, who create a similar cavernous atmosphere through crushingly heavy funeral doom, Corpsessed definitely take their cues from the Incantation, Immolation and early Swedish cult school of death metal. There are some different tracks on their myspace which are also very impressive. One to look out for.


Morbid - December Moon

Arrgh alright!! This is still one of the best metal demos ever recorded! Sickening raw death metal that is still unctouchable to this day. To me, Morbid were and always will be better than Mayhem, and its sad that a lot of people just see this as a pre-Mayhem kind of band because tbh they fucking own Mayhem. Hopefully you all got the recent 12" together with the Slayer #20 (yes the infamous Slayer magazine of the 90s underground extreme metal scene!) put out by NWN - brilliant stuff.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best Coast & Jeff the Brotherhood Split (2011)

Yay for a new Best Coast song!


Various Artists - Around the Dragon's Broken Neck Hangs the Medal of Saint Lazarus (Hospital Productions)

Hospital Productions compilation featuring Alberich, Bus De La Lum, Contrepoison, FFH, Kama Rupa, Lussuria, Prurient and Vatican Shadow.


Gatekeeper - Giza (2010)

Electronic duo paying tribute to 80s sci-fi movies and TV shows as well as video games. If that description in itself isn't enough to make you have to check this out immediately, just look at that fucking cover! So cool, so fucking retro.


Devil Doll - The Girl Who Was...Death

Listening to Devil Doll is like watching an old silent horror movie. It evokes the exact same feeling and is some of the most cinematic music I've ever heard. Devil Doll could be loosely labelled as prog rock, but in my opinion Mr. Doctor (the brilliant mind behind this project) is an artist that defies genres and labels. The Girl Who Was...Death is a masterpiece, as is his other works. This rip is split up into 8 tracks, which I like better. Most that you find around will just have the 1 long track.


Still Corners - Don't Fall in Love

Lovely ethereal dream pop. Somewhat similar to Mojave 3. ZZZZZZzzzzzz


Zadkiel - Hell's Bomber

Motörhead influenced speed/thrash metal from Japan. Killer!


Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972 (2011)

New Tim Hecker album.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chaos Destroy - S/T EP (2011)

The new Chaos Destroy EP. Really amateur and sloppy, and I wonder if the band were all blind drunk when they recorded it. Also, Music not Music as posted last year.


Bored Youth - Touch & Go

80s hardcore punk from Michigan. Damn. This is a real forgotten classic. If you're into 80s hc punk then grab this right now!


Lydia Lunch - Queen of Siam

I like Lydia Lunch because she is interesting and says what she thinks. Shes not afraid of being honest, obnoxious, rude or controversial. I may not agree always with everything she says, but I respect her because of that honesty and the fact that she has a personality. Oh yeah, Queen of Siam is a really good album too, the track Lady Scarface is my favourite. Its hard to describe the style of this album - kind of jazzy, lounge-y, grungey, post-punky, experimental with an undercurrent of dark sexuality. If anything I could liken it to some of Tom Waits' material, but its still even pretty far from that. Lunch's lyrical styling and delivery is cool, sexy, laid-back and sincere while seeping with don't-give-a-fuck. A truly unique artist.

A cool interview

Monday, February 7, 2011

Blackgoat / Goatworshipper - Sabbatic 5 Goat Harshnoise

Harsh noise from Kawakami of Disclose.

Blackgoat - Sabbatic 5 Goat Harshnoise:


Goatworshipper - Blackgoat Harshnoise Demo CDR:


Obliteration - Nekropsalms

Amazing norwegian old school death metal which has the spirit of all of the great bands from the 90s. I can hear influences from several different bands within the genre too - there are doomy sections, gruesome vocals and some really badass shredding. No doubt one of the best death metal albums of the past few years! Awesome live band too!