Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deiphago - Filipino Antichrist

For some reason this record got a lot of bad reviews upon its release, but I think it destroys. Chaotic, blistering fucking demon worship that takes bands like Conqueror, Sarcófago, Revenge and Blasphemy to the next level. Didn't think that was possible? Just listen and prepare to get your face ripped off. There are no acoustic passages, no progression and there sure as shit isn't any clean vocals; just a hellish inferno of pure noise and battery. You'll feel like you've just been sent to hell and sodomized by Satan Himself, but goddamn it feels good. Actually, there is so much going on, at first it may be a bit overwhelming, but those who like their music fast, extreme and straight to the point will surely love it.
Support these filipino maniacs! Their demo has just been repressed onto vinyl by HHR.


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  1. This band goes so far beyond the pale I think if they keep this up for a third album they'll have more in common with Government Alpha than Conqueror but even so its still a great listen!