Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black Vomit & Rape Rack - Scumfuck / Ambient Shit Storm

Black Vomit are a truly bizarre beast, mixing a buckletload of completely different styles to form a fucked up and weird listening experience. I can't really describe whats going on with them, they are a total clusterfuck of noise and insanity - theres blastbeats, fuzzy black metal, electronics, sound just have to hear this one for yourself. Really one of the strangest sounds I've ever heard.
Rape Rack are not nearly as straight-out weird as Black Vomit, although something about them sounds very alien and sinister. 3 tracks of trippy, haunting and droning ambient black metal, which at times gets quite noisy. If you listen on the last track you can hear some ritual chanting behind the noise which adds to the creepy sound. They finish off with a Von cover.
Really interesting stuff, give it a listen if you are looking for something very different.


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