Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Laibach - Opus Dei

My favourite Laibach album, featuring nationalistic sounding marching hymns. This, combined with the fact that the members are often pictured wearing German SS-style uniforms, one may think that the band may be nazi-sympathizers, but anyone writing them off as such is clearly missing the point. The songs here are clearly tongue-in-cheek, and are more of a social commentary than being "shocking".
Its quite amazing how the Queen song "One Vision" is transformed after changing the lyrics to German and adding a more driving beat behind it. Many of the songs work like this, being intelligent, satyrical as well as damn catchy! Opus Dei is a brilliantly clever and artful album, influencial and important in the development of numerous bands and genres.



  1. Used to see weirdos wearing this shirt in the 80's when I was a kid...thanks.

  2. the link is broken, anybody can to re-upload? thanks