Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pre-Friday Madness

As I sit in my room, drinking some Pre-Friday goodness from Radelaide, SA, and listening to various bootlegs (keep your eyes peeled for possible posts), I feel it'd be a good idea to introduce myself by posting one of my favourite bands. Ever.

Looking Glass are an awesome band out of The Bra (Canberra, ACT, for your non-Bogans). I was fortunate enough to experience them at the 2009 Doomsday Festival, where, as pretty much the only unheralded band amongst about a dozen of Australia's best doom/sludge acts, they proceeded to near steal the show.

For fans of Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Iron Monkey, Wolfmother (yes, Wolfmother), and even Led Zepplin, these guys are great to listen to on a warm day, in your concrete backyard, with the volume turned to 11 and a Cooper's Pale (or Sparkling, for the more hardcore beer nuts) in hand.



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