Monday, October 4, 2010

Some people call me STC....

Cos I'm a super tough cunt, yeah!

As it's a lovely Spring day, and I'm sitting here, after work, drinking beer, and enjoying some tunes, I felt it appropriate to post what I'm currently listening to. Here is a slab of bluesy, jam-rock from Melbourne's own Sons of The Ionian Sea. Formed from the ashes of Peeping Tom (not the Mike Patton project), these guys have continued somewhat with where PT left off. Continuing the blues-tinged jams and general all-round goodness. Never a band that dissapoints, if you liked the Sir Lord Baltimore album Mikk recently posted, chances are you'll dig this, too.

So sit back, crack a beer, and experience the genius.


  1. this band is intimidatingly good.

  2. That they are, anon, and even more so live.