Friday, November 4, 2011

Maria Zerfall - Totenstille, Der Rest Ist Fluch

Christine Weyrether has been creating industrial and experimental sounds since 1985, releasing a bunch of cult and hard to find tapes and compilations. Lo-fi noise loops, guitars, and all kinds of other stuff combined with Christine's spoken word vocals over the top, this is experimental in every sense of the word. Cold and depressed and early heavy industrial inspired. While listening comparisons can be drawn to early Throbbing Gristle, SPK or Nurse With Wound.


  1. Great stuff. I am looking for this stuff for a long time. Though I have the vinyl of Kopfkrieg, I was yet unsuccessful to track down the CD bonus tracks on the net. Thanks is not enough a word! MZ, crystalline genious.


  3. Do you have more to download from Maria Zerfall, except,"Als Waere Nichts Gewesen, "Ich Katastrophie" (collaboration with Phase Phervers), "Kopfrieg - 1985-1995", with "Active Stagnation" and "Zarah Zerfall", I would much appreciate it!