Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winters in Osaka - Ruins/Manifest

Wait, what? Yes, I was finally able upload something so I can post again. Sadly, my current net connection is bad, so don't expect anything again in a while.

For now, though, I present you with two morsels from Winters In Osaka. I would love to tell you a lot about them, but, alas, I don't know much, other than it is a one person noise project. These two 'albums' are both on the one disc, but I have separated them, as each represents a slightly different aesthetic. Each is the result of a mail collaboration between WIO and a series of other individuals.

From their Last.FM page:
-harsh, needlestorm electronics subscribe more to the “scour the meninges off yr brain” variety of physical impact.

-Like a 3 am televangelist, Winters in Osaka have the pow-AH.

-thick whirring buzzscape

-noisy party with few friends around, and burly tinnitus

- be warned, this is some seriously noisy shit!

-Winter’s in Osaka leave on a pinnacle, almost orgasmic, point that you would have never thought possible.

For fans of Prurient & Wolf Eyes, as well as other experimental ambient/noise/avant-garde projects.


Winters in Osaka - Ruins/Manifest

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