Thursday, December 16, 2010

Янка Дягилева - aнгедония

Янка Дягилева was a Russian poet and singer who was found dead in a river on the 17th of May 1991, where it was alleged that she took her own life due to depression. During her life, she suffered from alcoholism, as well as being an artist whos music was not looked upon favourably by her own government - in fact, I think her first album was banned in Russia (and maybe others? I'm not sure). In this context, I can't help but appreciate her music even more.

She gets grouped with Russian punk due to her work with some prominent players within that scene, however it is actually really unique and folky singer/songwriter type stuff. Some tracks do have a somewhat harder edge to them and I'm guessing a lot of the lyrics are of a political/prtotest nature, which would contribute to the punk tag as well. The second track in particular is an instant favourite for me.


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