Monday, December 27, 2010

Brats - 18th January 1981 (bootleg)

Brats were a Danish punk/metal band that later became one of the greatest metal bands ever in Mercyful Fate. If you don't know who Mercyful Fate are, they basically created the black metal image and hence I often refer to them as a proto-black metal band along with stuff like Sarcofago and early Sodom, even though the music is basically thrash metal. You can recognize almost all of the songs on this as Mercyful Fate songs, albeit with some differing lyrics (it can be weird at first hearing the tune of Curse of the Pharaohs to completely different lyrics). King Diamond's unique vocals are also instantly recognizable. Compared with their 1980 LP (which I will post too), this is much more metal and might as well be a MF record. Indeed, most of these songs can also be found on Mercyful Fate reissues as bonus tracks.


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